Parallell’s Metaverse Construct Explained

If you’ve been on the internet lately, you’ve heard about the Metaverse practically everywhere you’ve stepped foot on. From GameFi projects building digital landscapes based on blockchain technology to Facebook rebranding to Meta — it’s clear the time of the Metaverse has come, and it is starting to slowly snowball into something big.

Despite its size, however, the Metaverse is still in its infancy, and there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done to turn it into the futuristic concept we all dream of. It is at this stage however where innovation is desperately needed — where forward-thinking visionaries can shake up the entire game.

To express its vision for the future of the Metaverse, Parallell bridges the physical world from the virtual one with its Earth and Heaven concepts. It is a dual-layer system where Metaverse adoption and utility reach their peaks due to the specialization and optimization of each realm.


Earth represents the physical reality in which we exist, where every NFT represents a real-life asset. NFT technology makes these tokens the perfect medium for expressing and conveying ownership, and as such can be utilized for real-world assets. Parallell understands this well and has dedicated the Earth realm for this very purpose.

From real estate to collectibles, and from vehicles to wills, if it exists in the real world, NFTs can represent them; they can be used to facilitate trade securely and at lightning speeds, thanks to the blockchain, and some protocols allow for trustless trades managed by smart contracts — removing many pain points of traditional trading methods.

For instance, Parallel is creating a digital representation of Real Estate assets with sellable parcels (1-to-1 blueprint rendered locations in the metaverse). Earth parcels affix to physical reality, and ownership is carried through NFTs. These parcels can be monetized through renting, hosting events, or advertising products and services for passive income.

Slowly, Parallell’s Earth realm will transform from a platform for real-life assets to one that represents a significant chunk of reality on the blockchain. While the idea sounds crazy to some, if a technology exists that optimizes an entire process, then it’s only a matter of time until it is adopted.


Heaven is a digitized creative space that does not have to be adjacent to physical reality but can only be accessed via Earth — which is a bridge to Heaven with access points to teleport between the two. Its buildout consists of supplemented space to Earth’s parcel owners for additional freedom of creativity, and the size equals to ten times the size they hold in Earth parcels.

While Earth parcels will be sellable, Heaven’s won’t, as they are either used to supplement holders’ experiences or for content creation that is only limited to one’s imagination. Heaven’s experience is limitless in possibilities; from gaming concepts to quests, auction houses, clubhouses, and virtual arenas that can be entered through different access points on Earth’s map.

Unlike other Metaverse spaces, Heaven considers its real-life counterpart and is built accordingly. A digital space too independent of real life may fall out of touch somewhere down the line and may lose its practicality as a consequence. Absolute freedom, the vastness of space, absence of physical constraints… These are all longed for and sought after, but without any context, are just meaningless.

This connection established between these two digital realms allows for a harmonious and synergistic development that scales and adapts according to actual needs, and in turn, provides new, innovative, and practical use-cases for the Metaverse as well as for the real world.

Parallell Yet Connected

In the Metaverse, for both the Earth and Heaven layers, we aim to create a new virtual economy that is unified and interoperable creating more robust opportunities for users to create income. In Earth’s physical real estate, for example, Parallell provides innovative solutions for capital raising, democratizing profitability, and bestowing a more equitable standard.

The two realms are meant to run in parallel with one another, yet are also connected on various levels. It is one thing to establish a Metaverse, but to understand where and how to implement it in a meaningful way requires trained, proactive and experienced eyes — and luckily, Parallell has those very qualities.

What is Parallell?

Parallell is the gamified metaverse brand of ZOAN, a leading European XR studio based in Helsinki, Finland. The award-winning company keeps transforming industries by creating real-time digital twins and virtual experiences.

Founded by Miikka Rosendahl in 2009 while on a trip in Wuhan, he was introduced to what was then the state-of-the-art 3D modeling. Foreseeing the future Miikka was inspired and the company was formed soon after. Today ZOAN is a leading VR company in the industry recognized and working with companies such as Microsoft and Meta to name a few.

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In the open-world game Parallell, players can go to visually stunning Islands and resorts as well as experience an open galaxy with quests and mini-games.

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In the open-world game Parallell, players can go to visually stunning Islands and resorts as well as experience an open galaxy with quests and mini-games.

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