The Parallell Digital Passport NFTs

Your ticket to travel between worlds in the Llell. Digital Passports are NFTs with benefits for holders.

The Parallel metaverse will consist of many worlds linked together via portals that offer both travel and adventure for daring or foolhardy players. If you need a break or a change of pace, new worlds and lives await you.

Much like the real world, distant travel remains both a challenge and a reward for a select few. Other than time and resources, world hopping requires a passport for both exit and entry to new or old worlds. Parallell will offer players the opportunity to obtain Digital Passport NFTs that provide them with the utility of several features.

Get ready for a wild ride across Parallell’s galaxy with a limited release of 3600 unique Digital Passports (DP).

Parallell’s DP is the next evolution in NFTs. More than just a verifiable collectible — you also acquire an utility function within Parallell’s ever-growing metaverse.

The minting process will utilize a generative algorithm that randomly generates a distinctive DP with varying features and degrees of rarity.

These are some of the benefits proposed. As we draw closer towards distribution day, they may change but these are in discussion now.

What will these Digital Passports allow you to do?

Become a Citizen — A path to access Parallell’s photorealistic, cinematic metaverse experience. A place where you can play, earn, build, create and come together as a community.

Planet Entry — Your DP will come with a limited number of available entries (portals) to use when traveling between Parallell’s various planets, and can be renewed once consumed.

Energy to Stream — All passport tiers give their user 120 hours worth of streaming time in Parallell’s metaverse. If you run out of energy, no problem!

You can restore your DP to game-ready mode by purchasing additional energy to stream. (energy =metadata)

Avatar Slots — Each passport tier will come with a specified number of avatar slots.

Your customizable. avatar type will be randomly generated from Parallel’s tribe inhabitants of: humans, animals, and aliens. Each tribe has unique features and abilities. To experience the range of gameplay, just upgrade your DP and get an additional avatar slot.

Rent — Generate a passive income by renting your digital passport for users who wish to play with your unique avatar(s) or cannot afford the upfront cost of a digital passport (metadata).

Become a Council Member — The DAO for each world will be represented in a Council that is unique and customized to the story of each world. This Council serves as a regulatory body for community guidelines and enforcement and a place for community members to exercise their voice and contribute their thoughts.

Limited Edition Founder Traits — As you stylize your personal avatar, you will have access to a number of limited-edition Founder’s traits and properties on display in various stores and services.

Exclusive Founder Benefits — Access VIP events, areas, exclusive merchandise, and offers. Membership has its rewards.

Staking Yields — A dynamic staking reward for each passport tier, allowing holders to earn an income from their DP.


Constellation Passport — Three avatar slots, Constellation limited edition traits, and superior APY staking rewards.

Supernova Passport — Two avatar slots, Supernova limited edition traits, and higher APY staking rewards.

Interstellar Passport — One avatar slot, Interstellar limited edition traits, and basic APY staking rewards.

We will provide more information on the NFT sale in the future so stay tuned for updates and changes to the benefits and tiers.




In the open-world game Parallell, players can go to visually stunning Islands and resorts as well as experience an open galaxy with quests and mini-games.

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In the open-world game Parallell, players can go to visually stunning Islands and resorts as well as experience an open galaxy with quests and mini-games.

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